Register to Vote! Check out the 2018 LiUNA Endorsed Candidates



Brothers and Sisters,

Now more than ever in our great state we are defending our livelihoods and our futures. Our governor has worked tirelessly to dismantle organized labor and to lower our wages so that we can’t fight back anymore. We have seen the destruction this type of leadership and legislation has caused our fellow union members surrounding us in our neighboring states.

Keep this in mind, YOUR VOTE MATTERS!

Illinois elects a governor directly by a count of each vote. Therefore, YOUR VOTE MATTERS! Each and every ballot that is cast is then counted directly towards the candidates final number. The days of “I don’t need to vote, it doesn’t matter” are long gone. In a statewide election EVERY VOTE MATTERS!

Here is a link for the Chicago Laborers District Council website that includes the 2018 election calendar, endorsed candidates, and links to register to vote.

Here is a direct link to the LiUNA endorsed candidates list.

Here is a direct link to register to vote!

If you are not sure if you are registered, it takes less than 1 minute to check.

The endorsed candidate list and registration to vote is also directly available on the Laborers Local One App. 

The time is now brothers and sisters. Spread the word! We must get involved to save our futures and our great state of Illinois.