Hiring union is a choice. While many opt-in, many also opt out simply because they don’t know the true benefits of unions. With seemingly endless media noise pulling people from one direction to another, it’s crucial to provide facts so people know the truth about union labor and the benefits it brings.

Read Labor United’s roundup of the most important reasons companies should consider hiring union!



Through apprenticeship and vocational programs, union workers are trained to perform a specific skill set. From the beginning they are taught best practices and “tricks of the trade” for consistent quality by instructors who have made this their career, not just a side job. With so many types of trades and union locals within them, union contractors and workers can usually fit the bill.


In order to do a job well in the trades, you need to do it safely. Along with proper training, union contractors and workers receive certifications from national workplace safety organizations, like OSHA, in addition to other safety regulatory bodies that pertain to the union’s specific discipline. Being well-versed in safety translates into an overall safe working environment and final product for workers and the public at large,


In a single union, workers have thousands of years of combined experience under their [tool]belts. Stemming from five-year-long apprenticeships and on-the-job site training, both new and veteran union workers are constantly learning from each other and passing down their methods. With union workers, you’re assured of educated professionals who have truly refined their craft.


Generally, union members are required to sign off on an “honor code” intended to prohibit drug and alcohol use in the workplace, promote a healthy lifestyle and hold workers accountable for their actions. Holding workers to a high standard and encouraging dignity and self-respect encourages higher quality teamwork and end results. Companies will gain peace of mind knowing these are workers who take their jobs seriously and will conduct themselves appropriately.


Unions act as democratic bodies, legislating their own operations and settling disputes. With this comes representation for fair wages.

A fair wage is not just necessary for workers to live, but also to keep doing the quality of work the job requires. Hiring union means you are making the most of your investment because the job will be done right the first time and to the level you expect because that is what is enforced and ingrained in union workers from the beginning. To receive a fair wage, our workers must earn and justify it with their work.



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